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New Court Filings to Hold President Trump Accountable

July 26, 2019
Press Release
New Legal Actions Reference Possibility of Impeachment

ORLANDO, FL – Today, Rep. Demings and other members of the House Judiciary Committee announced two new legal actions to secure evidence and witness testimony related to President Trump’s corruption, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice.

These new court papers make clear that this is an impeachment investigation to determine whether articles of impeachment should be filed.

Said Rep. Demings, “Director Mueller’s testimony confirmed that President Trump broke the law and that any other American would have been prosecuted. The President welcomed a Russian attack on our country and obstructed the investigation into it, including lying to investigators and telling others to lie.

“Because the Department of Justice will not indict a sitting president, the House of Representatives is the only path to hold President Trump accountable for these crimes. Today the Judiciary Committee indicated in court filings that we are considering the possibility of impeaching President Trump. I have previously said that I support taking that step.

“I said after Director Mueller’s testimony that there are turning points in history. Director Mueller’s testimony was a turning point, and we are going to follow the evidence no matter where it leads. No one is above the law.”

Rep. Demings’ previous statement on the Mueller hearings is here.